SiDi Zephyr Review

Renowned for providing excellently designed, durable and using the best new technological advances to create cycling shoes, SiDi have once again created a pair of the best cycling shoes around in the SiDi Zephyr Road Cycling Shoes, with a upper made from synthetic leather and nylon mesh, the leather create a durable shoe whilst still providing comfort whilst the mesh create breathability needed for intensive training sessions. The high security Velcro straps create much needed support for cyclists, especially when cycling up steep gradients. Furthermore, the SiDi heel, which reinforces the heel and keeps the foot in position and avoids the shoe becoming deformed by extreme usage and prolonged pressure, additionally, the SiDi heel cup is serviceable and replaceable when necessary. The SiDi Zephyr use a Millenium 3 Sole which is compatible with the best road-pedals on the market today, with 2 cleats kits available.

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