SiDi Logo Vernice 2011 Review

Renowned cycling shoe manufacturer pride themselves on creating some of the best cycling shoes available today, and the SiDi Logo – Vernice 2011 continue SiDi work of providing the best cycling shoes, with features including a Vernice microfibre upper, which is dirt resistant. The SiDi Logo – Vernice 2010 also feature the reinforced SiDi heel that keeps the foot in position and avoids being deformed by extreme performance. More importantly, the shoes use the Millennium 3 sole, which is a sleek, modern redesign of the Millennium 2 sole, by fortifying the sole with carbon fibres, SiDi have creates a new sole that improves on the characteristics of previous nylon soles. The Millennium 3 sole is constructed out of injected carbon fibre in a nylon matrix, this infusion creates a more rigid sole. Additionally, the Millennium 3 sole features a new replaceable non- slip polyurethane heel pad and is compatible with the best road pedals on the market. Lastly, the SiDi Logo – Vernice 2011 use high security Velcro straps which keep the feet securely in place.

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