SiDi Genius 5 Pro Mega 2011 Review

SiDi have remained one of the most innovative manufacturers of cycling shoes. For generations SiDi have created stylishly designed, technologically advanced shoes, ensuring cyclists to give their best performance, and the Sidi Genius 5 Pro Mega Road Shoes 2011 are
a great example of SiDi dedications. With features including, the Soft Instep closure system, where thermoformed material increases comfort as well as performance. The sidi Genius 5 Pro Mega, also feature the innovative Caliper Buckle, with its regulated micrometric system, the cyclist can gave a more precise fit, moreover, the High Security Straps, are unmovable whilst cycling, both help to give the rider and secure feeling whilst riding out of saddle up steep gradients. The cyclists are given further security by the Sidi heel, the reinforced heel keeps the foot in position and also helps to keep the shoe from becoming deformed by extreme performance or prolonged pressure.

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