Shimano R087 SPD SL Review

Shimano are renowned for creating some of the best designed and innovative cycling shoes available, with the Shimano R087 SPD SL Road Shoes a great example of the quality Shimano put into each pair of shoes. The Shimano R087 SPD SL feature the synthetic leather upper that is both durable as well as stretch resistant, the upper also features mesh, both of these help to provide a snug, breathable and comfortable shoe.

Also, featured in the Shimano R087 SPD SL is the micro-adjust buckle, which allows the rider to get the most secure fit, whilst the dual off-set strap are positioned to eliminate any hot spots and pressure points. Moreover, the Shimano R087 SPD SL Last is wide fit so that cyclists with wider feet have a more comfortable fit. The lightweight glass fibre reinforced-polyamide sole, help in creating optimum power transfer between cyclist and bike. The Shimano R087 SPD SL is also SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible.

Try the R132 SPD SL or the R077 as an alternative set of road shoes. Remember if you are looking for a Winter Shoe/Boot try the RW80, which has got great reviews and is the only winter offering from Shimano.

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