Road Cycling Shoe Size Guide

Road cycling shoes are a very important piece of kit for cyclists. You don’t want to buy the wrong piece of kit, as it could actually lead to long term damage of feet, knees or ankles. Getting the right size cycling shoe is very important, so its important to go into a shop and try different shoes on. You may find some shoes too narrow, so you need a wider fit and some brands may not fit your foot, period. A bike shoe should fit tighter than any other shoe you have put on your foot, as you don’t want any movement of your foot within the shoe once you are riding. If you find a shoe you have already bought has got too much space in it once your foot is inside you can buy and insert an insole, which will help a tight fit and get you foot firmly in place. Once you have found the right shoes for you, it’s likely you will want to find the best price, so come home and search online for the retailer selling the shoes at the best price including delivery.

Shoes at the lower price range will tend to have 3 velcro straps, which are fine at holding the shoes on your foot, but can come lose if they are wet. The next step up is a shoe with a buckle, which helps get your heel right back into the shoe which is really important for comfort and power. At the top end of cycling shoes the sole will become stiffer and is likely to be made of carbon, which makes the power transfer from body, shoes to wheel motion that much more efficient.

Road bike shoes have a smooth sole with 3 holes for mounting the cleat system. You should look at the Look Keo or the Shimano Road pedals, which are great road biking pedals.

Check out the sizing guide below for information on a few brands:

Bike Shoe Sizing Videos

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