Northwave Aerlite 5 SBS Review

Northwave have been the creators of some of the best cycling shoes, used by professionals as well as recreational cyclists, the Northwave Aerlite 5 SBS feature technically advance features to help and improve a cyclists performance, for example the shoes feature the exclusive Aerator system on the upper, which creates an air flow system within the shoe, and prevents the foot from becoming excessively overheated from exertion and guarantee fantastic breathability. Also featured on the upper is the web power cage, whilst been creating using a microfiber material which is hard wearing and creates an exclusive design that stands out in comparison to other cycling shoes. Moreover, the shoes feature the anatomic Pro, a wooden arch support system that helps to maintain the comfort of the cyclist whilst pedalling and the carbon sole provides precise and affective push on the pedals, increasing the performance of the cyclist. Lastly, the shoes use a ultra Y heel system keeping the foot in position at all times whilst cycling.

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