Gaerne Carbon G.Mythos Plus Review

The Gaerne Carbon G.Mythos Plus shoes 2012 are specially created and designed to work perfectly for cyclists who require a shoe that will help maintain a high performance, with features such as a carbon sole for efficient energy transfer and an air ventilation system moulded into the upper, by using innovative layer perforations create the ultimate ventilation and climate control for the foot, create a high performance shoe.

They also feature an internal in-step mesh which provides optimal stability and support during intensive cycling sessions. Whilst the A.I.C.S (Adjustable Instep Closure System) adapts to all foot morphologies assuring constant support, moreover, the closure system is made from a high-strength PU and is positioned across the foot, with adjustable ratchets to adjust instep tension while maintain the ideal support and lift. The Gaerne patterned safety look strap system and specialised heel cup and heel grip features, ensure that the foot fixed firmly in place whilst cycling. Lastly, the shoes also feature the comfort fit tongue, which feature the high-tech cushioning layer for increased comfort.

The Gaerne G.Mythos range includes G.Mythos, Carbon G.Mythos and the G.Mythos Plus, which are all cheaper.

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