Diadora Sprinter 2 2011 Review

Diadora is only Italian athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer to still make some of its products in Italy, a tradition that began in 1948, with founder Marcello Danieli, focusing on creating advanced and beautifully designed shoes, the Diadora Sprinter 2 Road Shoes
2011 has a regular plus Last, a perfect fit for all cyclists with higher comfort in the toe box. Moreover, the shoe also boasts an impressive amount of features, such as the insole is EVA and anti-stretch creating a comfortable, arch supporting shoe. Furthermore, the upper is made with Suprell, with a Morpho Cage A-M which ensures great stability and breathability. The Diadora Sprinter 2 Road Shoes 2011 are fitted with a pre-moulded ergonomic internal heel, which helps to reduce any slippage of the foot and keep in firmly in place whilst cycling. Lastly, the shoes sole are made from nylon and are reinforced with fibreglass for a stiff sole and more effacement energy transfer.

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