Diadora Proracer 2 2011 Review

Diadora have for over 60 years been producing some of the best cycling shoes, and they continue to improve cycling shoes today, this improvement and dedication can be seen in the Diadora Proracer 3 Road Shoes 2011, with a D-Skin upper outer shell that is created by bonding microfiber to the treated antibacterial Sanitized MT liner by the use of innovative MH TM technology, this creates the highest level of comfort and breathability found in any branded cycling shoes. The shoes also feature the Morpho cage; made of soft TPU the holding cage guarantees a secure, long lasting closing of the upper. Additionally, the shoes feature a Ergonomic heel support, which perfectly contains the riders foot in its seat, without creating pressure to the Achilles tendon. The Diadora Proracer 3 Road Shoes 2011 uses a perforated EVA, to ensure moisture drainage, keeping the foot cool and dry. In addition, the full carbon sole, has been specially designed to minimize thickness whilst retaining maximum rigidity.

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