Diadora Road Bike Shoes

Diadora are famous in the sport’s world, and since their opening in 1948 they remain the only Italian manufacturer to still make most of their products in their homeland of Italy. Skiing and climbing boots are what first brought this company into the limelight, but later in the 1970’s they branched out into the athletics area of shoe manufacturer with sports like cycling, football and running. They use the latest technology and fabrics, but still stay faithful to the chic Italian design.

They offer a range of different shoes such as the Escape 2 and the Speedracer which are prime examples of their dedication to quality. They even have a range of socks specifically designed to work in tandem with the shoes to ensure maximum support when cycling. They appeal to a wide range of riders because they have such a wide range of different colours so that everyone can find shoes that suit their uniform or personality.

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