Bontrager RL Review

The Bontrager RL Road Shoe is made from a top quality synthetic leather upper in a glossy black finish which really adds a sense of style to the shoe when you wear it. These shoes are available in sizes 43, 44, 46, 47 and 48 to make them widely accessible for everyone and the large mesh windows on the upper will ensure that they are the coolest shoes you’ve even worn because of the extra breathability you get with them. This shoe is the little sister of the RXL shoes and follows very much of the same technology and design without the premium brand price tag. There are two buckle style straps to give you maximum support when you wear them and the eSole technology works with this to mould to your foot and give you excellent grip as you cycle to give you perfect support. You can add a three hole cleat to the shoe and there is a strong mid level carbon sole to ensure that you have great grip and control of the pedals.

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